Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Salt Water Taffy ingredient comes in varied forms, not all edible

I purchased a box of mediocre taffy (see above) in Provincetown this weekend at a store that had great local fudge. The taffy, however, was sub par (and from Maine). It tasted too much like bubble gum and came in flavors like blue raspberry and root beer. I prefer lemon or molasses.

I figured it was time I tried to make some salt water taffy of my own. The candy's secret ingredient--all recipe books agree--is glycerin. All three cook books I looked in also said that I could procure glycerin at my local pharmacy. Not so much. The only glycerin that I could find at Duane Reade came in suppository form. Could work, I thought, but how would I know how to measure two tablespoons of it? Furthermore, according to The Internets, one should only ingest food-grade glycerin. I'm going to check for that kind at my local dietary supplement store tomorrow. If that doesn't work out, I'll order some from Amazon.

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